’May you live in interesting times’ is the Chinese benefaction, and ’Boy’ – we certainly do.   Football in Moscow, Tennis at Wimbledon, Lads rescued from a cave in Thailand, Novichok in Salisbury, Donald Trump in Europe.  Oh! – and then there’s Brexit.

I think most of us are fed up with it.   Bad enough that the EU is being difficult, but our lot can’t seem to agree on anything themselves.   Well, they did when the cabinet met at Chequers last week, but now ministers are resigning and the Brexiteers are saying “that’s not what we voted for.”    Where do we go from here?

Some of you will know that I was a UKIP member and keen advocate of regaining our independence.    Beyond voting at elections it has been the only time I’ve taken an active part in politics.  My reasons are largely instinctive and when a ‘Remainer’ challenged me the other day I struggled to articulate my reasons.    But I am also a realist,  and inclined to back what was agreed at Chequers.   It stands the best chance of getting through parliament, where Theresa May does not have a majority and needs the Irish DUP.    Perhaps more importantly, in our years of membership industry has become accustomed to open borders, and components flow freely throughout the Eurozone.   For that to continue we need to accept other rules to maintain a level playing field.   We may not like it, but this is a consequence of our long involvement.   For me it is enough that our direction of travel is towards greater independence.

This notebook is early because I’m about to go abroad.   When I come back the football, tennis, Trump and the rest will be old news.   Only Brexit remains;  we must make of it the best we can.

John Blunt.