Staunton Harold – Land of Opportunities

Daughter Caroline and her husband, Andrew, have just taken on David in a permanent, if hybrid, role.  He had previously helped out on the farm, now he also works in their land agency business.  So it might be dagging sheep’s bottoms till ten o’clock, the reviewing planning applications for the rest of the day. He is their first employee; it’s always a big commitment to take on staff but they are so busy that it must be the right decision.

Also overstretched are Tim and Jo Margett at FERRERS FRAMES in the Ferrers Centre.  They need help with picture framing, especially since Jo is expecting another baby. Maybe not full-time, and preferably someone with an artistic background they’ve told me.

 The STAUNTON STABLES TEA ROOMS are also looking for part time staff, waiting on table and in the kitchen.

For someone with bigger ambitions BREADFIRST, the bakery and delicatessen, is for sale across the courtyard.  Joe and Elizabeth Ward,  having built this up into a thriving business, now want to retire.  The Ferrers Centre has a reputation as a ‘making’ centre, so someone who has or can acquire a skill is looked for here.

 And finally something completely different.  We are lookinf for a use for the silt which came from dredging one of our lakes.  It is nutrient-rich and there’s a lot of it.  An entrepreneur needed here.