Win some, lose some

‘STAUNTON HAROLD – A COUNTRY ESTATE IN THE 21ST CENTURY.’  Our new booklet is now published, and available from the Tearooms in the Ferrers Centre, the Red Hut in the Estate Car Park and the Tourist Office in Ashby de la Zouch.  The price is £3.50, and copies can be sent to you by post for an additional £1.00. It is more than eight years since our first booklet came out, and in the new one we have placed more emphasis on the modern aspects of the estate.   The photographs tell the story, and the text explains how we manage and finance the work which goes on here.

A month to go to the Euro elections, and this column is banging the drum for UKIP.  Whichever party we vote for will make no difference to our laws; Britain has never successfully challenged any EU ruling.  A vote for UKIP will concentrate the minds of our politicians in Westminster.  They need to know that this is no longer an issue to be shuffled under the carpet.  David Cameron tells us that in the event of referendum he will be campaigning to stay in;  I have studied the alternatives and believe that we should quit.  We buy more from the EU than we sell to them – they are hardly likely to put up trade barriers against us, and we will be free to trade on the world stage.

May 22nd is SEND A MESSAGE DAY – let’s make sure we use it.