The End of the Line

Fourteen years, and one hundred and thirty five articles later, this will be my last bulletin.  I feel that in this form they have run their course.

It all started with postings before we moved into the Hall, to explain why, after years of hospice use and unlimited access, we needed to make part of the Hall grounds private for our family.  Since then it has become, at various times, an information board for explaining and promoting the estate, and a platform for my various hobby horses.  How many people read it?  I don’t know, but last year one guy said he was never coming to Staunton again because of my ‘pro Brexit’ stance.

For many years now the bulletin has appeared on two notice boards at Staunton, and on our website.  In its place I propose to post regular information on the website, sometimes including photographs courtesy of my daughter, Caroline.

On that topic I should here announce that we have an empty unit at the Ferrers Centre.  The Catherine Wheel Gift Shop was started thirty years ago to help fund a local school being restarted by parents at Ticknall.  Caroline was a six year old pupil, now she has a ten year old son herself.  The gift shop has closed, and we want to turn it back into a place where things are made, in the spirit of the centre.  Beyond that, and the insistence on quality, we are open to suggestions.  Caroline is handling enquires, by letter or email: