Keeping Up Appearances

It’s been the year of painting the doors and windows at the Ferrers Centre, all one hundred and eighteen of them.  Mark has been on them all summer, and should finish before the weather breaks.

Most have been replaced at some time during our sixty years of ownership, but the main doors I believe to be original.  Because they open inwards, and are protected under the deep reveal of the arch when closed, they do not catch the weather.  If I’m right, they will have witnessed a rich tapestry of events over two hundred and forty years.

Elsewhere we are finding rot in some of the window cills.  It’s always the cills which rot, the other ninety percent goes on indefinitely,  In earlier days  we would cut out the cill and splice the jambs, fitting new timber; nowadays we dig out the rot, apply wood hardener, fill the void, sand down and repaint.  I used to think this a short term cheat but after thirty years I have to accept that it is a solution which lasts long term.

All of our ground floor workshops and studios are let at present, but WE WILL SHORTLY HAVE AN ATTRACTIVE FIRST FLOOR UNIT TO LET.  This has central heating and water laid on, can be used as a studio or office, but not with public access.  Details are available from our daughter, Caroline Large, on 01332 862250.

Like all our estate staff, Mark is multi-skilled, able to turn his hand to pretty well anything.  One thing he cannot do is keep paint off himself; you can always tell if he’s been painting red doors or white windows.