Vintage Market – Sunday 6th September 2015

On this day the staff cars will be banished from their usual parking spot behind the Ferrers Centre, and their place taken by stalls selling vintage and handmade goods.  This is a new departure for our centre, but if successful, could well be repeated.

The Ferrers Centre is about workshops and studios, with an emphasis on quality and good design.  Keeping to this model we have survived and thrived for more than forty years where other such ventures, becoming retail outlets, have failed.  The vintage fair will, I hope, showcase good design from another age and thus compliment our own work.  Come, if you have chance, and judge for yourself.


Beams, planks and firewood

Advertising to attract a larger market plays a big part in modern commerce; it is not something I am good at.  At our estate sawmill we cut oak to order, for beams, fireplace lintels, garden structures and much besides.  We also carry stocks of seasoned planks, mainly oak.  In addition, each year we stockpile what I believe to be the largest quantity of air dried logs in the National Forest.  The sheds are now full and with this indifferent summer weather supplies are already going out.  Orders are normally placed through Eddie, who can be reached on 07855 438483.  Brought to your door in loose loads or dumpy bags, we are scrupulous in giving good service and good measure.