Can it be true?  The case I have championed for more than twenty years has finally triumphed.  In the lead-up to the vote, it was the topic of very conversation, and nearly everyone I spoke to was for ‘out’, but still I couldn’t believe that the country as a whole would ignore the warnings of the great and the good.  it is a triumph of British ‘bloodymindedness’ over the bully-boys.

Now the political parties are in turmoil, the country in uncharted territory,  A few have reacted badly – I was dismayed by Nigel Farage’s triumphalist rant in Brussels – this was an occasion for magnanimity.  We must wait for the dust to settle.  What can individuals and businesses do to help?  Invest in and back Britain I suggest.  Our little team on the Staunton Harold Estate has recently taken on four new people on a full or part-time basis.  We are busy on all fronts, frustrated by bureaucracy.  Will Brexit change that?  For me this would be the biggest prize.