It’s happened again – we go to visit some stately home or garden – it costs me a few pounds to get in and hundreds to get out.  This time it was the ‘Lost Gardens of Heligan’ down in Cornwall which we’ve been visiting since they were first rediscovered.  Now that they have been fully restored the owners have added a few extra touches, including enclosures for farmyard animals.

Mrs B noticed that the hens were strutting around on fresh green grass  Ours, in a run we made ten years ago, have nothing but muddy soil and the odd weed. So, back home again, the race is on to make them a fresh home and reseed the run before winter sets in.

Parents enjoy showing the hens to their children as they come up the Yew Walk to the Ferrers Centre, so we’ve made the new run close by.  It will be the hens’  home until next Spring.  By chance we spotted a redundant henhouse in a garden nearby so their old house can have a facelift too.

When the new run is free again we may use it to house a few ducks.  At our old home we tried keeping ducks but on two occasions they disappeared.  Stolen? Eaten? Floated off down stream? We could never be sure.  Hope springs eternal – it has to be worth another try.

John and Jacqueline Blunt