Welcome to Staunton Harold Hall

The Staunton Harold Estate is a traditional country estate of some 2000 acres centered on the great Georgian mansion, Staunton Harold Hall. Family run and ‘hands on’ in its management style, the estate has embraced modern uses for its diverse assets.

The hall itself became a family home again in 2003 after fifty years of institutional use. With its eighty three rooms it easily accommodates three generations of our family. The West Wing, facing towards the Ferrers Centre has been converted to high quality managed offices with conference facilities. This is Lion Court, created by son-in-law Tony Cantrill. On the East front we have a series of grand State Rooms, which are used for weddings up to a dozen times each year

In 1974 we began converting the disused Georgian stable block into craft workshops and studios and it is now the largest such complex in England with seventeen different enterprises working in a wide range of disciplines. This is known as the Ferrers Centre for Arts and Crafts.

In another part of the estate we have the Sawmill, which serves the four hundred acres of woodland which we manage. From here we sell firewood through the Ten Mile Timber Company, and planked timber, beams and other bespoke material cut from estate oak and other woods.

The sawmill also provided most of the timber to build the Deerpark Lodge, a holiday cottage in the woods above the Hall. Managing and renting out accommodation and business premises is what we do, and the lodge, which sleeps six, is an exciting addition to our portfolio.

The hamlet of Staunton Harold is also home to Staunton Harold Nurseries, and to the fine seventeenth century family church, now owned by the National Trust. It is also a great walking centre with seven routes radiating from the core, plentiful parking and two good tearooms.

Bulletin 98 – 29th July 2014

WOODLANDS TO LET: On the Coleorton side of the estate, a couple of miles outside Ashby, we are offering small woods to let from the end of September.  Planted about twenty years ago they are ready for thinning, the timber suitable for logs or chips.  People renting a wood will have exclusive use for logging, camping and other quiet pursuits.  Please contact us by email to john@stauntonharoldestate.co.uk or rowan@stauntonharoldestate.co.uk or by phone on 01332 864435 for further particulars.

 With the revival in the building trade our bigger timber is in demand again for oak beams and other household uses.  Our milling company is called ‘The Ten Mile Timber Company’ and our slogan is ‘English timber mostly grown, and used, within ten miles of home’.  There is a general recognition these days that localism is important, and this applies to the wood we use as much as to our food.  I am always somewhat wary of claims about sustainable forest management from countries with a dubious record for  corruption.  Staunton Harold Estate has a recorded history of supplying timber for local uses stretching back four hundred years; we are proud to be continuing that tradition.