BREXIT! – don’t you just love it.   A term that didn’t exist three years ago and a party two months old has split our country down the middle.   It’s the English Civil War without the bloodshed.   These day strangers will strike up a conversation about politics, though it’s often to damn all politicians.

Now we are due to pick a new Prime Minister.   It surprises me that there are so many contenders for a task which has sunk the last four.   They must see a solution which is not obvious to the rest of us.

The dire warnings from the great and the good at the time of the referendum have all proved false.   So when Mark Carney at the Bank of England tells me that leaving without a deal will be disastrous I’m inclined to believe  the opposite.   We are hedged about by bureaucracy on every side;  let’s hope that after we leave we can ditch at least some of it.

Overall I’m content with the direction of travel.   We will leave by one means or another.   We will not be bound by the Common Agricultural Policy, which costs a fortune and skews the farming sector in ways that don’t suit us.   We have been the awkward squad from the outset;  now we can go back to being good neighbours.