Staunton Log Bundles

These logs are the first thinnings from our fifteen to twenty year old plantations in the National Forest. If these woods are not thinned the trees suffer from too much competition.

Log bundles will dry in the length or cut up. In the length they are best stood on end. In either case the important thing is to keep good air circulation. The longer you keep them, the better they burn.

Saw up by hand (warms you twice) or with a chainsaw. If you use a bow saw buy a good one – there are some useless cheap products on the market. Saw horses and log stores are available from Cameron Forest and Garden, based at Staunton Harold in the Gardeners Bothy (01332-694500)

The management of our woodland is carefully planned to ensure the healthy growth of our trees.

Two Bundles Delivered and Tipped in Ten Mile Radius £72

Three Bundles £100

This equates to 60% of our fresh cut log price. Samples to view at the Ferrers Centre, Staunton Harold. To order phone Eddie on: 07855 438483 or email using form.